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All About Us

Saturnae Micro Farms are the product of intensive research and design performed by our parent

Our parent company's Chief Scientist Mr. Jonathan R. Walters has lead the charge to introduce a new method and manner of providing clean and wholesome foods for you and your family / community all year long in any climate.

Mr. Walters has recognized the horrendous shortfall of our own Food and Drug Adminstration with their near-complete lack of meaningful oversight of our food industry.

Too many times we see in the news and hear from friends and family how a new outbreak of food-borne illness is afflicting our nation.

Make no mistake our food supply rises to a national security level and nearly nothing is being done to protect us.

Our health and wealth of life are 100% up to us. We cannot rely on our government to provide.

With our plans and methodologies you can farm and harvest on a weekly basis while protecting you, your family, and your community in totality.

At Saturnae Micro Farms we do things differently.........We think about it.....