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Your self-contained and automated
micro farm! Control your destiny!

The successful implentation of the Zeous Power Module into the Turbinique Wind Engine V9 will now make the stand-alone and off-grid capable food production Saturnae Micro Farm 100% viable.

This micro farm will enable all people with disposable space / land an opportunity to manufacture their own self-grown vegetables in a method and manner which will allow direct access to controlling ones health and vitality.

Food-borne illness is in the news on an almost daily timeline. There is only one way you can be certain your food is clean, healthy and full of vitality - Grow it yourself!

The Saturnae Micro Farm is an automated and self-contained module with its own recirculating irrigation systems; self pollinating systems; and an extended growth cycle system. All of these facets of operation are set and monitored by you -or- you can opt-in to the company providing monitoring oversight.

The Saturnae Micro Farm does it ALL for you. You till the rows. You plant the seeds. Then turn the system on and go about your life. With the automated irrigation system the water is recirculated from collecting cisterns and then pumped through spray heads which mimic a light summer rain. The self pollinating system uses very powerful electric fans arranged in a methodical manner and computer controlled to put the pollen into an airborne state and then circulate this pollen using a powerful wind. And the extended growth cycle uses low-intensity grow lights when the sun goes down to mimic a strong "twilight" until the next morning. All of these modes of operation significantly expedites the growth cycle while not imparting structural changes in the food being grown. Your food will be natural and free of any and all pesticides, herbicides, rodents, harmful insects, etc because the Saturnae Micro Farm serves as a barrier to these harmful things.

Saturnae Micro Farm

Where Your Dreams Become Reality

Saturnae Micro Farm

Here at Saturnae Micro Farm
we have designed a fully self contained micro green house farm module with extended growth cycle as standard.

This module will serve you for decades of award winning harvests which can be generated on a weekly basis.

The Food and Drug Administration  and other commercial entities do not have our best interests at heart.

We constantly read and see the latest food-borne illness outbreak on the news on a far too recurring sequence.

It is up to us to safegaurd our food supply.

With a Saturnae Micro Farm you can harvest weekly all year long in ANY climate!